Leaving For Eden

by Mind.Divided

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I've been stuck on this forsaken planet for years, I've been here ever since they left.
Days, weeks, months seem to fade into nothing.
It feels as if I've been here forever.
It's time to leave...

"Leaving For Eden was greatly inspired on the MMOG Eve Online and its ingame soundtrack.
Always having been a fan of the music in the game and the general atmosphere the New Eden universe breaths, I set out to write my own soundtrack to the harsh starclusters and highlight a single pilots voyage.
Mainly borrowing influences from trip hop and hip hop for the percussion sections, and merging it with wide melodic ambient pads and deep bass, "Leaving For Eden" is an album I feel should be open to everyone and anyone."
- Paul
(Mind.Divided, Axit, Kabaal)

"Yep. Good album is good."
- Chris Anderson
(Echo Grid, Axit, Ghost Loop, reviewer for Popunie.nl)

"Here it is !
And I have to say something right away...
First of all - the album is brilliant! Really, I had a mental orgasm! :)"
- Anatoly Tokee Grinberg
(Tokee, Dope Records, Paindonor, mastering engineer)

"The album sounds incredible man! Loving White Nebulae, The Expanse and Safe Spot...
The remixes are great as well... love the Drown To Burn mix. Art looks stellar.
Nice!!! Sounds like it's going to be a great release man."
- James Church
(Lucidstatic/Pandoras Black Book/CRL Studios)

"The whole album is very evocative and visual. It reminds me of the feeling I got reading Ender's Game. Which is a high compliment indeed."
- Yelena Calavera
(Author of 'The Dead City Blues' and 'Black Benjamin', reviewer for Tympanik Audio)

First and foremost a very big thank you to my wife for her continued patience and support!
Secondly a massive thank you to James Church, for signing me to CRL Studios and making sure this release is everything it's supposed to be.
And also a massive thank you to Anatoly Tokee Grinberg for his sublime mastering job!
Chris of Echo Grid for delivering an awesome remix and putting up with my barrage of demos and works in progress!
Ophelia of Ecstasphere and Aphexia for giving me (another) awesome remix much like she did on Clouded!
Edwin of Reasonexperts.com for providing an awesome remix, a community for Reason users, and giving me my first official interview!
The Icelandic CCP Games for giving me New Eden to get lost in in EVE Online.
And last but not least a massive thank you to CCP RealX aka Jón Hallur Haraldsson for inspiring me!

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released April 15, 2014

Production, mixing, artwork by Mind.Divided
Track 10 performed and mixed by Echo Grid
Track 11 performed and mixed by Ecstasphere
Track 12 performed and mixed by Reasonexperts.com
Mastering by Anatoly Tokee Grinberg



all rights reserved


CRL Studios Anchorage, Alaska

CRL Studios is more than just a label. It's a support group for musical outcasts. It's an army, leading a bloody onslaught since 2005. Each release is an exhibition of raw emotion. This is life with all its purity and imperfections.Founded by James Church (aka Lucidstatic), CRL Studios works with other labels and artists to bring these visions to the masses. This is not revolt. This is evolution. ... more

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