Hello Starlight

by Mind.Divided

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"I left so long ago, I no longer remember how home looked.
It was difficult leaving it all behind, but there was no other choice left for me. No redemption for the bridges burned, not beyond the point of departure.
The vast nothing is home now, the universe constantly staring back at me, pulling me closer to Eden.
And then I layed witness to a view only gods should be able to see, a bright spectre in the vast darkness. Hope."

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Hello Starlight is the second installment in a symbolic trilogy of a lone spacefarer on his way to an unknown place called Eden.
The first installment, "Leaving For Eden", was received with positive reviews by many and bordered more towards an industrial influenced IDM.
Hello Starlight moves away from the style of its predecessor but retains the typical Mind.Divided sound, with glitched percussion and deep ambient tonality. From wide ambient droning to melodic idm, the album gathers a range of styles in a solid blend of music for the space inspired listener.
The albums thematic background is one of hope for the future, a sentiment that is very close to the daily life of Mind.Divided.


A word of gratitude:

Thank you to James Church (CRL Studios), my wife Kim, my mother, Hydlide, Sasha (LPF12), Thorsten and Waldemar (Waldrick), and every single one of you supporting Mind.Divided!

Shoutout to: Anne Shaw, Ecki "New Wave Mother" Stieg and the entire Grenzwellen crew, Ryan Northcott, and Anatoly "Tokee" Grinberg.


CRL Studios: facebook.com/CRL-Studios-120456934637781
Mind.Divided: minddivided.com

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released June 16, 2016

Production, mixing, mastering and artwork by Mind.Divided (minddivided.com)
Track 11 performed and mixed by LPF12 (Facebook.com/Lpf12-138730399495694)
Track 12 performed and mixed by Waldrick (Waldrick.de)
Track 13 performed and mixed by Hydlide (Reasonexperts.com)



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CRL Studios Anchorage, Alaska

CRL Studios is more than just a label. It's a support group for musical outcasts. It's an army, leading a bloody onslaught since 2005. Each release is an exhibition of raw emotion. This is life with all its purity and imperfections.Founded by James Church (aka Lucidstatic), CRL Studios works with other labels and artists to bring these visions to the masses. This is not revolt. This is evolution. ... more

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